Carrying a little bundle of joy for 9 months can have it’s highs and lows. Do you (or did you) have a product you couldn’t do without?


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    Loved by Irish mums for generations, Bio-Oil Skincare Oil is Ireland’s leading stretch mark product. It has been safely used by women for over 30 years to prevent the formation of stretch marks. The skin goes through huge changes in pregnancy and Bio-Oil’s unique formulation works to maximise elasticity thereby reducing the possibility of pregnancy stretch marks forming. While regular use helps improve the appearance of existing stretch marks. In fact, in a clinical trial 95% of pregnant women saw an improvement in the appearance of stretch marks after just 2 weeks. Ingredients include Vitamin A & E which help to stimulate collagen production & keep the area hydrated. Natural plant oils help to soothe irritation, redness & itchiness, while PurCellin Oil ensures the ingredients can be easily absorbed deeper into the skin without an oily residue. Suitable for all skin types, Bio-Oil is not tested on animals, and all packaging is recyclable.


    Finding a comfortable position to sleep while pregnant can be a struggle, but the right pillow can help. Our ergonomically designed Therapeutic Body & Bump Maternity Pillow is a full body support pillow for critical areas such as head, neck, back, bump, pelvis neck and knees. Ideal for pregnancy, our maternity pillow follows the natural curve of your body, helps combat fatigue, improve blood circulation, encourage relaxation, and reduce the distress of reflux and discomfort caused by SPD.

    During the day or at night, it helps alleviate the symptoms of SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction). By sleeping on your side, legs bent, with our pillow simply placed between your knees, it helps keep your spine in a neutral and stable position. This position also is recommended as best for baby. By the 3rd trimester, sleeping this way reduces the risk of complications compared to sleeping on their back.

    The pillow can also be used to create a comfortable position when sitting up and while nursing your baby, when your little one arrives. With a 100% cotton breathable machine washable cover and filled with premium spiral hollow fibre it ensures you are fully supported. Suitable for all body sizes and shapes, our Therapeutic Full Body & Bump Maternity Pillow is 135cm x 65cm x15cm and has an RRP of £65.99.


    Lil-Lets Maternity Maxi Pads with Wings are designed to offer you complete comfort and protection. These pads are designed to be used immediately after birth for the postnatal period. The wider shape design of the pads offers more security and protection during both day and night.


    "Ulluv ‘s aim is to reduce the stress and hassle for busy mums-to-be by making the task of packing their hospital bags an easier one! Our product comprises of 2 elements, each with a number of options, which the customer chooses according to their preference and/or budget:

    1) THE BAG SET – there are currently 6 different designs to choose from (a mix of plain and patterned), including our recently introduced, luxurious, quilted “Signature” range. The bags come as either a 3 or 4 bag set (large holdall, medium holdall, tote and cosmetic) and the idea is that the holdalls are for mum’s and baby’s main hospital bag items and the matching tote is for the labour ward. All of the bags are multifunctional and can be used for busy family life afterwards;

    2) THE CONTENTS PACKAGE – there are 5 contents packages to choose from, including 2 eco-friendly packs. All packages contain the essential items (e.g. maternity pads, nappies, wipes, toiletry items) with variances then in terms of some nice-to-haves such as blanket, baby towel etc.

    The reviews speak for themselves – almost 120 x 5 star reviews on Google as well as countless messages of thanks and many anecdotes about midwives across the country now recognising Ulluv bags & singing their praises!

    Particularly in today’s climate, our product enables mums-to-be sort their hospital bag from the safety & comfort of their own home."