Oh Baby – Here’s A Round-Up Of 2019 Name Trends

By 17/09/2019 Uncategorised

There are few things in life that inspire as much debate as picking a baby name. It can be difficult to know where to start; do you honour a family member or pick something totally fresh? We find it useful to take a look at global trends and take your inspiration from there. So, here are some of the baby names trending globally according to real-time name analytics website Nameberry. Will they make their way into Ireland? We’ll see



The Scottish/ Spanish name pronounced ‘Eye-la’ is a delicate and pretty one which derives from the Spanish word for Island. Isla follows a trend of girls’ names that begin and end in vowel, as you can see from the rest of the list.


This classic name is elegant and feminine and proves that it can stand the test of time. Made popular through the work of Shakespeare, this one has its roots in literary greatness without feeling old or stuffy.


This other-worldly name of Latin origin comes from the word “dawn” and in ancient mythology, Aurora was the Roman goddess of sunrise. Your baby name can’t get more positive than that!


This simple and beautiful girls’ name of German origin means ‘noble’ or ‘serene’. The name also follows the vowel trend and also enjoyed a notable lift since the popular show Peaky Blinders.


Possibly the most elegant name on the list, Charlotte is of French origin and has traditionally been associated with royalty. The name can be shortened to ‘Lottie’ which is an endearing spin-off of the original.



This cute name has a surprisingly authoritative meaning and would definitely make your little boy stand out from the crowd. Of Germanic origin, it comes from the words ‘Soldier’ or ‘Merciful’.


This fancy title is of Persian descent and means ‘treasurer’. It’s also one of the only boys’ names that comes from a type of quartz gem stone. Most people will be more familiar with the German rendition ‘Casper’.


This Greek/Latin name of literary relevance was made famous by the novel ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’. The name is also a place name, coming from ‘Antiquity’ near Athens in Greece. It’s quite distinguished and definitely one your little lad would have to grow into.


The name Silas has English/Greek roots and means ‘forest’ or ‘wood’. The once old-fashioned title is getting a revival, appearing in TV programmes and rising up the rankings of popular baby names.


The people’s favourite makes the top-ten list again. The name will please everyone, across generations, a classic with a modern feel. It’s been popular in pop-culture as well as kid’s fairy tales. Familiar and current without feeling too common.

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